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All I Ask Is That I'm Credited In Your Mod For Use Of This Weapon, If I'm Not Credited You Are Not Welcome To Use My Assets { Weapon }

Here I Present To You My First Of Many Uploads To This Website....

AK-47 From Modern Warfare 2

Have Fun Blasting Zombies Away In To Next Year With The AK-47 From Modern Warfare 2

I'm Going To Be Making A Whole Bunch Of Uploads Depending On How This Download Goes... Please Leave A Comment Telling Me What You Thought Of This Port Of The AK-47 From Modern Warfare 2 And Also Tell Me If You Want Me To Post More And Give Suggestions On What Guns I Should Port Next And I'll Pick One Of Your Suggestions Each Upload!!


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Hello Everyone.... To Use This Weapon, You Must Convert The Files Yourself..... All You Have To Do Is As Follows -
1.Copy All The Folders From The RAR File To Your Cal Of Duty World At War Directory.
2.Then Open Asset Manager
3.Once In Asset Manager Open The Included .GDT That Is Now In Your Source_Data Folder In Your World At War Directory
4.When The Included .GDT Is Open You Will See 3 Different Tabs : Xanims, Materials, And Xmodels.... What You Need To Do Is Go To The Top Of Asset Manager And You Will See A Tab Called : PC Convert
Click On That And Then You Receive A Drop Down Menu And At The Bottom It Says All Assets ( F11 ) Click F11 And It Will Convert All The Assets For You...
5.When It Has Completed Save The .GDT And Close Asset Manager
6. Go To Your World At War Root Directory And Go To Raw/Images And Then Select All The Most Recent Images Or You Can Go Through The Images And Look For The Ones To Do With This Weapon, Once You Found Them Copy The Images To : Mods/YourMapName/Images
7. Then Go Back To My .RAR And Go In To Raw/Weapons/SP And Copy The 2 Weapon Files From My .RAR To : Mods/YourMapName/Weapons/SP
8. This Is Where You Go In To Scripts...
Make Sure You Have _Zombiemode_Weapons.gsc And DLC3_Code.gsc In Mods/YourMapName/Maps If Not Then Copy Them 2 Files From Raw/Maps
9. Then In DLC3_Code.gsc Look For This Function : include_weapons()
10. Copy This :

include_weapon( "ak47_mw2" );
include_weapon( "ak47_mw2_upgraded", false );

And Place It Under This :

// Full Auto
include_weapon( "zombie_stg44" );
include_weapon( "zombie_stg44_upgraded", false );
include_weapon( "zombie_thompson" );
include_weapon( "zombie_thompson_upgraded", false );
include_weapon( "zombie_mp40" );
include_weapon( "zombie_mp40_upgraded", false );
include_weapon( "zombie_type100_smg" );
include_weapon( "zombie_type100_smg_upgraded", false );

Then Save And Exit That File

11.Open _Zombiemode_Weapons.gsc And Look For This Function :


12. Copy This :

add_zombie_weapon( "ak47_mw2", "Press And Hold &&1 To Purchase AK-47 [Cost: 1250]", 1250, "vox_ppsh", 0 );
add_zombie_weapon( "ak47_mw2_upgraded", "Press And Hold &&1 To Purchase Reznov's Revenge [Cost: 1250]", 1250, "vox_ppsh", 0 );

And Place It Under This :

// Full Auto
add_zombie_weapon( "zombie_mp40", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_MP40_1000", 1000, "vox_mp40", 2 );
add_zombie_weapon( "zombie_mp40_upgraded", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_MP40_1000", 1000, "vox_mp40", 2 );
add_zombie_weapon( "zombie_ppsh", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_PPSH_2000", 2000, "vox_ppsh", 5 );
add_zombie_weapon( "zombie_ppsh_upgraded", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_PPSH_2000", 2000, "vox_ppsh", 5 );
add_zombie_weapon( "zombie_stg44", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_STG44_1200", 1200, "vox_mg", 9 );
add_zombie_weapon( "zombie_stg44_upgraded", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_STG44_1200", 1200, "vox_mg", 9 );
add_zombie_weapon( "zombie_thompson", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_THOMPSON_1200", 1200, "", 0 );
add_zombie_weapon( "zombie_thompson_upgraded", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_THOMPSON_1200", 1200, "", 0 );
add_zombie_weapon( "zombie_type100_smg", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_TYPE100_1000", 1000, "", 0 );
add_zombie_weapon( "zombie_type100_smg_upgraded", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_TYPE100_1000", 1000, "",

Then Save And Exit

13. Then Finally Go To Launcher And Tick Both Of The Scripts We Used, The Images For The Weapon, And The 2 Weapon Files

14. Build Mod And Enjoy Your New AK-47 From Modern Warfare 2

PS: To Get This Weapon By The Console Commands Use :

For Non Pack-A-Punched

give ak47_mw2

For Pack-A-Punched Version

give ak47_mw2_upgraded

If You Want To Change The Pack-A-Punch Camo On This Weapon... Once You Converted All The Parts In Asset Manager Go To Raw/Xmodels Then Find These 2 Xmodels :


Open Them Both In Notepad And Search For mtl_silver_etching And Replace All Instances Of mtl_silver_etching With The Material Name For Your Camo


Posted on 22.12.2016 / 4:22

Sorry For The Long Tutorial, I Just Wanted To Make It Easy For Newbies To Understand XD

Posted on 22.12.2016 / 4:22

Oh Sorry I Forgot To Say in your Mod.csv In Launcher Add This :

Sorry Again XD

Posted on 22.12.2016 / 4:25

Don't tell people to convert all. That's a wrong method (it will delete all assets that don't have gdt for).

Posted on 22.12.2016 / 15:18

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And also you're not crediting Tom_bmx for the mw2 anims. After all Good port.

Posted on 22.12.2016 / 15:20

Hey, I Have Viewed Your Comment... And Thanks For Your Help..

1. They Can Either Click F10 For The Manual Way Or Just Do F11 ( Although You Are Right It Will Delete All Other Assets Without GDT) ( Ill Correct This Next Time )
2. I Totally Forgot About Crediting XD.... Credit Also To Tom_BMX For His Tools XD

Posted on 22.12.2016 / 16:38

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Thanks To Everyone Showing Rates And Comments...

My Next Port Is Now Up Its The

UMP45 From Modern Warfare 2

W/ Upgraded Version As The 45 R.P.M ( The Pack-A-Punch Name Of Infinite Warfare's UMP45 Weapon )

Posted on 22.12.2016 / 17:17

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Rated. Just fix the shell-ejects coz they're pistol and this is an AR lol.
Anyways again Good work.

Posted on 24.12.2016 / 8:22

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Good work stealing my ports | this is unbelievable | two ways to fix this, edit this post and add all credits to me or delete this post

Posted on 02.01.2017 / 20:37

Here is my original weapon post | |

Posted on 02.01.2017 / 20:47

10:03 PM - Velocity&Fatality: Why u angry
10:03 PM - BaD BoY 17: If you were in my place you would do the same you idiot. when someone steals you off and promise to give you something
10:04 PM - Velocity&Fatality: Okay fine I'll delete everything will that make u stop
10:05 PM - BaD BoY 17: so you can just go and trick someone else ?
10:06 PM - Velocity&Fatality: Shutup your breath stinks
10:06 PM - BaD BoY 17: Hahaha
10:06 PM - BaD BoY 17: So, you stole 2 guns from someone
10:06 PM - BaD BoY 17: uploaded them
10:06 PM - BaD BoY 17: with no permission
10:06 PM - BaD BoY 17: and then you call me a thief ?
10:06 PM - BaD BoY 17: Really your an idiot
10:07 PM - BaD BoY 17: it's all the same stuff for rickoz
10:10 PM - Velocity&Fatality: Well I've deleted everything so that's it


For that reason, i'm thinking of quitting modding.

Posted on 02.01.2017 / 21:11

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