MW3 P90

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so after seen so many ppl porting and uploading guns for the help of modders, i decided to upload a gun that (correct me if im wrong) i havent seen in this category yet......... and i ported myself....
so i present to you the mw3 Fabrique Nationale P90
only has color map since normal map made the gun rotten as if you poured acid on it.......
big thanks to Infinity Ward for the amazing model and animations


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Well i think MW3 weapon pack has the P90

Posted on 30.12.2016 / 14:08

i downloaded it and it didnt

Posted on 30.12.2016 / 14:24

Nah, it doesn't have the P90, the M16, and there might be something else missing

Posted on 30.12.2016 / 19:34

i can actually bring the m16 i ported it as well

Posted on 30.12.2016 / 21:07

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the materials folder is totally empty for me

Posted on 17.04.2017 / 15:18

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