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so here is a pack i ported a long time ago....... fbi characters with viewhands as well (only longsleeve)..... make sure you read instructions.txt first...... if there is any missing materials plz inform me so i can bring an update


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Can you do the view hands for the origins characters? (if you have the time)

Posted on 31.12.2016 / 1:36

for sure m8 :3

Posted on 31.12.2016 / 2:15

Could you port the characters instead of the viewhands?The characters on this site have some bugs and I already have the viewhands,and if you want them pm me and I will send to you

Posted on 31.12.2016 / 16:37

i already ported the viewhands after the request and yes i can definately port the characters

Posted on 31.12.2016 / 19:58

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did you do other texture maps (spc/cos/nml) or just col ?

Posted on 31.12.2016 / 9:32

just col

Posted on 31.12.2016 / 19:57

why thou ? why skip the 5 sec to make all other 3 texture maps ?

Posted on 01.01.2017 / 22:30

i might bring another update with specular maps in..... but it could take time

Posted on 01.01.2017 / 23:49

and im not making normal maps they make the final texturing look awful

Posted on 01.01.2017 / 23:50

OMFG, are you serious ? normal maps make the model awful ? next time try to read what is the Normal map. Which makes the model have some bump to it. not just plain texture.

I can make a video showing how to make Texture maps, So next time you can spend some time to make it work.

If you wondering why i'm writing this because i just want the best For WaW Modding. Not just some random people that use a program dump & convert. and don't even make texture maps probably.

Posted on 02.01.2017 / 8:51

it needs a cosine map to give the bump if you just put a normal map the gun will look like bubble wrap...... thats what happened to me unless you still wanna call me blind

Posted on 02.01.2017 / 13:31

also i dont need a tutorial i know how to make all texture maps...... but i didnt know it was so needed

Posted on 02.01.2017 / 13:34

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