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so next gun i bring you guys : the m16 with specular map as well (which i made myself)
happy new year to everyone smiley


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happy new years!!!

Posted on 01.01.2017 / 20:37

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Man an advice: add the black detail camo on the materials or you will get an ugly grey m16 smiley

Posted on 02.01.2017 / 12:05

do we need a black grey ugly m16? smiley

Posted on 02.01.2017 / 13:30

MW2 and later game uses details maps for camos. As base - used color map, then applied masked detail map - black, red, green, whatever. As mask used alpha channel located on color map. Follow this tutorial and you will get good looking weapons.

Posted on 03.01.2017 / 19:16

i didnt understand a thing

Posted on 03.01.2017 / 20:52

it's like me when i was porting weapons before lol.
Just col map and spc. (Which is horrible thou)

Posted on 05.01.2017 / 8:28

for some reason (and i dont know why it happens) the m16 looks black as all balls on mw3 but the second i port it on waw its grey.... i dont understand the logic behind it when at the same time the col map is grey as well

Posted on 09.01.2017 / 17:10

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good work

Posted on 02.01.2017 / 19:05

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is this work how?

Posted on 03.01.2017 / 12:56

just go to the folder inside the rar
and drop the content to raw and then go to your mod and drop the images and the weapons in..... make sure to change the viewhands on the weapon file to your viewhands

Posted on 03.01.2017 / 18:26

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doesn't work. missing material "mw3_mtl_weapon_m16_iw5" and the gun becomes a default weapon when loaded in game. Hopefully you get this fixed so ill give you some time to look into this instead of immediately giving a 0/10.

Posted on 15.01.2017 / 2:02

and the "material" folder should be "materials" even though it's empty..

Posted on 15.01.2017 / 2:03

i actualy thought it was material but it needed materials....ill bring it

Posted on 18.01.2017 / 14:07

Posted on 18.01.2017 / 14:13

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