ViRuS GaminG Promod

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ViRuSGaminG Promod Version.6 of pml2.20

(1).. Final Killcam
(2).. Custom Admin Menu
(3).. Anticheat..
(4).. Custom Kill Sounds
(5).. Endmap Music
(6).. EndRound Music
(7).. More Effects Like Blood Pool, Extrablood, cash..
(8).. New round spawn
(9).. New Welcome

And many more..... add soon

Note: This Mod Run On 1.7a Patch

Enjoy The New mod smiley

IF u Have Any Problem cont Me Thnx


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good work, hope your mod is clear or is possible
change your ads
page and clan names

Posted on 03.05.2017 / 7:09

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allaw mickey yar mujhe bhi bana de

Posted on 03.05.2017 / 16:24

por favor necesito ayuda con los moad o promod

Posted on 31.07.2017 / 11:19

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Good mod!

Posted on 18.06.2017 / 13:37

hermano me podrias ayudar con los promos q pograma se usar gracias

Posted on 31.07.2017 / 11:20

mi fc por si me quieres ayudar

Posted on 31.07.2017 / 11:20

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How do I set myself admin of the server and use the addmin menù?
i set my user id where the "set scr_admin_login_0 "" is but keep telling me login failed so what i have to do now?

Posted on 07.10.2017 / 20:55

set scr_admin_login_0 "mickey;123456789;abcdefghijklmnox"
and u in game like this mickey;123456789

Posted on 08.10.2017 / 19:11

and for the VIP Menu?
How to acces that?

Posted on 09.10.2017 / 16:19

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brother could you help me with the cousins that program will use thank you

Posted on 05.11.2017 / 6:26

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Doesnt work on Dedicated host says missing files when added those files still it says unknown error server stoppedsmiley

Posted on 05.01.2018 / 19:51

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not downloading smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Posted on 18.02.2018 / 10:00

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