Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Galleria 1991

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I don't know why the reload anims are like that,so I will leave them how they are.Also unlike in the video the weapon has official MW3 sprint anims.I've used MW3 Model 1887 anims,custom ADS anims and BF4 870 MCS/Mare's Leg sounds.
I couldn't do this port alone,so I want to thank multiple people for making this port possible:
-Hitman Vere: Fixing the Normal map for me
-DamianoTBM: Model 1887 assets and some help
-Rorke: Some other Model 1887 assets
-BeamSP/BeamedTheSpeed: Weapon file
-Tom_BMX: Lime/Lemon
-Scobalula: Maya shelf for anims
-Call of Duty Wiki+Marvel4: Stats
-Infinity Ward: Anims
-Dice: Sounds
-Ubisoft Entertaiment: Original Model
-Pack 3D Models User Admin: Providing the model
I hope you enjoy this port! smiley


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When I aim down sights, the animation doesn't play out, and instead the screen just zooms in a little bit. Usually, this is an issue with using MW animations with WaW viewhands, but it looks like it's working just fine in your video.

Posted on 05.05.2017 / 7:37

That's because I used a modified version of the WaW hands which works with Infinity Ward's ADS Anims.
You have to use other hands.

Posted on 05.05.2017 / 8:05

I'm doing this so people don't ask me "Hey can I have those viewhands?"

Posted on 05.05.2017 / 8:08

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Very nice smiley Gj smiley

Posted on 07.07.2017 / 17:32

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