Ghosts M27 IAR

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Decided to update the original.As always I've included everything you would ever want to from official sounds,models and anims to an upgraded version.
I couldn't do this port alone,so I want to thank multiple people for making this port possible:
-DamianoTBM: Sounds,Weapon File and some help
-Tom_BMX: Lime/Lemon
-Scobalula: Maya shelf to make exporting anims easier+showing me how to combine the fire+settle anims
-Call of Duty Wiki+Marvel4: Stats
-Infinity Ward: Models,anims,sounds
-HitmanVere+Make Cents: Creating WPI
I hope you enjoy this port! smiley


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nice work

Posted on 15.05.2017 / 6:56

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Very nice Work,do you think ,ported to Cod4?

Posted on 16.05.2017 / 12:39

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how to install? sorry, I'm new to this

Posted on 07.10.2017 / 7:40

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For some reason when I aim, it doesnr17;t aim through the sight. Something im missing?

Posted on 30.01.2018 / 14:42

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Nvm fixed it

Posted on 31.01.2018 / 4:43

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