royal soldiers PROMODv6 by htr

File description

Royal Soldiers PROMOD v6
knife round

1) Final Killcam
2) Custom soundaliases
3) Removed PB Server Violation

Soundaliases Name List

wtf wav
welcome wav

countdown mp3
endround1 mp3
endround2 mp3
endround3 mp3
endround4 mp3
endround5 mp3
endround6 mp3
endround7 mp3
endround8 mp3
endround9 mp3
endround10 mp3
endround11 mp3
endround12 mp3
endround13 mp3
endround14 mp3
endround15 mp3
endround16 mp3
endround17 mp3
endround18 mp3
endround19 mp3
endround20 mp3
endround21 mp3
endround22 mp3
endround23 mp3
endround24 mp3
endmap mp3

dominating mp3
doublekill mp3
firstblood mp3
godlike mp3
headshot mp3
holyshit mp3
killingspree mp3
monsterkill mp3
rampage mp3
triplekill mp3
ultrakill mp3
unreal mp3
unstoppable mp3
whyami mp3


Enjoy From Royal Soldiers



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nice mod bro

Posted on 06.06.2017 / 23:15

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can we replace the music files?

Posted on 07.06.2017 / 19:05

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Jaajajajajajaja😂👌🏻 que hdp mi viejo promodv6😍. Hasta mi viejo team |#|Sper|#|

Posted on 08.06.2017 / 6:44

Era papu

Posted on 08.06.2017 / 14:18

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VIP menu Not working Help plz

Posted on 10.06.2017 / 4:30

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nice HTR well done. but the only thing is looks like you have used the old plugins from long time ago but its ok not much been changed only bugfixs. You done good to peace it together if you need alittle help making this much better contact me at

Posted on 10.06.2017 / 19:15

Crazy that I had modified it, for my ex clan the culiao this, it rises as if he had echo the mod when I found it had thousands of errors since it was resubido and resubido it took me a little time to make it walk, but in That time was difficult to get help, now you get everything on this page practically, greetings! JEENNN:]

Posted on 11.06.2017 / 16:48

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mate can add RAW pls

Posted on 29.10.2017 / 23:58

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http://www.cfgfactorhey mate can add this ROW source?

Posted on 07.01.2018 / 15:09

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