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Here's a .menu file for custom looking menu background + instead of choise buttons there are custom made buttons which have same purpose

PS. Picture is only for to show how it should look in-game. I wont add here the material files and image files, those you need to make yourself in asset manager. What I can do is to add an image how the asset manager basic settings for background (+ buttons settings WITHOUT TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND)


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The image about asset manager settings is in .rar

Posted on 30.06.2017 / 12:43

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And what is button layout behaviour? I mean if index was > 20 -> button had moved to other column and what's here?

Posted on 30.06.2017 / 13:10

To be honest, I kinda dont understand what you mean under that. Those button sizes itself are 512x256, and the rect part resizes them to in this case 80x36. You can obviously mess around with those numbers in rect. With button size there are some stuffs. The size can be either equal (64x64, 128x128, 256x256 etc.) but also can be like dividable by 2, 4, 8 (512x128, 512x256, 512x64 etc.). If that isnt what you meant by your message. Then write in private, because I honesly didnt understand what you meant by your message smiley

Posted on 30.06.2017 / 13:38

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can i change gungame and exna gaming ?

Posted on 09.07.2017 / 6:27

There is nothing to change, that is the image file itself and since in file there is no img included u dont even need to change that, bcuz u dont have that part in it. You only have script, all images arent inside. Those you need to make yourself in asset manager

Posted on 10.07.2017 / 16:46

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