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Hi, I leave you my promod so that you can edit it to your liking
Promod create by qorbuz smiley


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mod creator is Crazy from Royal soldiers,mod is not your!!!

Posted on 02.09.2017 / 20:26

not true, just look when you load the map, say create by qorbuz.sorry for my english <3

Posted on 02.09.2017 / 20:34

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ok but if you know any about cod4x you must give your mod with sources or wi will report you! Read rules here :

Posted on 11.09.2017 / 19:31

vos te pensas que me voy a tomarme el tiempo de hacer un mod para dartelo ? chupame la verga gato, dale ya se lo doy ,espera sentado por que parado te vas a cansar ,te pareces a julio

Posted on 11.09.2017 / 23:05

aparte si lo comparto , es para que el paraguayo de jen lo tenga y ni tira bro

Posted on 11.09.2017 / 23:10

por que me fastidias argentino puto

Posted on 11.09.2017 / 23:12

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And read this!

Posted on 11.09.2017 / 19:34

alla le estan leyendo <3

Posted on 11.09.2017 / 23:06

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