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What's up guys? Juan-Jacques Joubert here (DJ iReapZz). So, I have decided to mess around with the mods a little bit. So I combined two mods in this one, the Cheytac M200 (also known as the Intervention from Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 2) as well as the PeZBOT mod. Only problem I had was that you cannot play on the Crossfire map as it gives an error that says something about "1000 xmodels Limits Exceeded" or something in that line, but otherwise it it really just an ordinary, boring mod. Add PeZBOTs by using the "svr_pezbots" command in the in-game console. Still trying to combine more and more mods together to create one big one that has like a lot of other weapons as well as new models and other extra options, but as of now, just Cheytac M200 and PeZBOTs. Do keep in mind that I am quite new to this and that I was actually just messing around with it, but if you guys want to leave some feedback, you are most welcome.


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Hope you guys like it...

Posted on 07.01.2018 / 20:53

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hi and thanks for this mod! About 1000 xmodels Limits Exceeded i have fix!
You must add +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200" in your commandline. Enjoy

Posted on 07.01.2018 / 23:40

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Could you tell me how to combine weapon mod and Pezbots mods ?
That would be nice !

Posted on 06.06.2018 / 17:13

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