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Hey guys ive ported some iw models over to waw to use in my map and decided to share them here

I will be posting more models soon

1) Up 'N Atoms Candy Box Open

2) Bank (Deposit)
Bank System Not Included

3) Bank (Withdrawl)
Bank System Not Included

4) Zombies In Spaceland Poster

5) Electrical Control Panel

6) Soul Jar

If you have any model requests from any cod let me know

Infinity Ward: For the model
DemonScriptz: Porting


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Hey, I've a pretty experienced mapper for call of duty world at war and was wondering if you could port the vendings.

A OBJ file with the textures is all i'd need as I'm sure I'll have to edit them a bit to make them look good in waw. (also if you have map packs it'd be nice to have ALL the vendings in IW Zombies)

If you able to port these for me I can send you the Xmodel files where you can upload them for people to use.

Posted on 20.05.2018 / 4:50

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