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this guy is a crack if I was a woman I give him a son so that my son is like his dad all crack

Posted on 28.05.2018 / 3:08

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normaly will be good promod
if jenn made

Posted on 29.05.2018 / 9:07


Posted on 29.05.2018 / 12:36

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what new in your promod?
maybe clip video?

Posted on 30.05.2018 / 0:27

hahaha I'm sorry that I had trouble uploading it and I did not put anything more than that photo, the mod contains, votemap, killcard (retouched), anticamp system and flags, also has a fov menu, fov scarle up to 1.7, and fps

Posted on 30.05.2018 / 13:13

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You should disable that flag scripts mane since that shit is broken

Posted on 30.05.2018 / 8:02

you need to install the geoip.dat in the root of the game, this does not work on a local host! put it on a server in line and it will work, you can deactivate the flag to be able in local host greetings!

Posted on 30.05.2018 / 13:10

Well, after a quick usage of ff tool. deleted tht script part and stuff worked perfectly. I dont know what your smoking but dont try to fool a guy who does know bit more thn you when it comes to developing stuff

Posted on 31.05.2018 / 12:12

Well, as you say to me it works well on a server in line, on a local server the flags do not work! LOL

Posted on 31.05.2018 / 13:54

Im saying that flags script is prlly from other person, and some of the things in there are broken and not working. When i deleted that line causing error, I got flag script workin, no fuss

Posted on 31.05.2018 / 16:25

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Posted on 30.05.2018 / 16:44

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some style to Crazy Promod RS?

Posted on 31.05.2018 / 14:46

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can i get raw files of that mod?

Posted on 24.07.2018 / 13:34

soon release the code and a few things

Posted on 26.07.2018 / 21:56

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Seems good jeeNNN :] Keep It Up! make a God F*ng Mod! Make A Change! Good Luck

Posted on 26.07.2018 / 17:32

ty bro!

Posted on 26.07.2018 / 21:57

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