Call of Duty 4 Mods, BO3V1


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Hello, remplace orginal weapon or create a mod ? Works on mac plz ?

Posted on 24.07.2018 / 23:43

Well, don't use mac then, use windows, also you can use this software if you use windows, to tweaking the color when in game:

to apply it on cod 4, on console: r_fullscreen 0, restart the game

gamma pannel,and just tweaking the color through the gamma panel software, you know what, I use nvidia color setting, somehow what I just change cod 4 feels like fortnite, it work on creek nite.

And sorry, this should be a tutorial

but that's it

Posted on 25.07.2018 / 9:00

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I mean it work on creek map.. sorry typo

Posted on 25.07.2018 / 9:01

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Here's the nvidia color setting turn cod 4 feels like fortnite, it work on creek nite:


Posted on 25.07.2018 / 9:06

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I mean creep map, and not creek nite, sorry typo again

Posted on 25.07.2018 / 9:07

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Oh here I screenshot it from my smartphone camera, can't screenshot it from windows, because it will took the default color

change cod 4 feels like fortnite:

nvidia adjust desktop color settings:

here's the screenshot, cod 4 feels like fortnite:

Posted on 25.07.2018 / 9:21

how to install this mod

Posted on 30.08.2018 / 14:03

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Well, I hope admin can take that for the tutorial

change cod 4 feels like fortnite


it's been a while guys, see ya and have fun

Posted on 25.07.2018 / 9:25

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it says sum/name mismatch

Posted on 19.08.2018 / 11:38

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Hi, I downloaded this, how do I use it / make it work? Thanks...

Posted on 17.01.2019 / 5:05

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how does dis work?

Posted on 18.02.2019 / 8:19

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Pls video tutorial on how to install each mods of bo3...pls reply

Posted on 17.06.2019 / 3:08

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