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=======SLK GAMERS=========

F1 Fullbright
F2 F3 F4 tweaks for all maps
F5 Crash/Backlot
F6 Strike
F7 Crossfire
F8 CityStreets

f2 f3 f4 are SLK filmtweaks

0=Madin Palayan
P=fast plant
u=common boys


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thanks for downloading my cfg and changing my filmtweaks to your name
try hard next time

Posted on 08.08.2018 / 13:54

ohh really?
can you prove?

Posted on 09.08.2018 / 16:11

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ok first of all it's my cfg you only took it and change it and added some bind +you removed the gamma from my filmtweaks to look legit ? like you made it

second the value of filmtweaks are mine
the binds are the same
the K bind you didn't fkn change it you only added your stupid binds and kept mine (the one that you liked )

it's fine that you did like my cfg but upload it and claim that it's yours..

(f2 f3 f4 are SLK filmtweaks) Really ?

+i do write CityStreets this way so yeah i can prove

Posted on 10.08.2018 / 7:35

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DUDE!! look at the time of upload wtf :"DDD , BUSTED !! xDDD

Posted on 10.08.2018 / 7:41

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