Animated Camo AK74u Realese

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Hello folks here is the animate AK74u i hope you have fun with the first mw2 animate camo.
you don't like the camo? Just change the weapon_ak74u_col.iwi.
IW4x Team for the tool
Me for the animate camo


How to use?

1. open the zip file
2. rename the example iw4x_Abstract_2 to iw4x
3. drag and trop the 2 files [zone and iw4x folder] in your game directory
4. have fun


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to be honest, it looks kinda slapped on. i dig the scrolling feature but try and separate the model into different parts and assign materials/properties to those parts. maybe add an extra alpha layer. and scroll in a diff direction
good work nonetheless!

Posted on 14.09.2018 / 23:51

correct me if im wrong though, haven't used the zone tool yet

Posted on 14.09.2018 / 23:53

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Hello sir. The video show only that the animate camo works. So I am not a camo maker "sadly" this why i writhe in the description.. Just change the weapon_ak74u_col.iwi. If you don't like the camo.

Posted on 15.09.2018 / 3:40

how did u get in contact with the iw4x team? im also intrested in the tools to create skins. i have only made custom skins for cod4.

Posted on 12.08.2019 / 11:28

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doesnt work

Posted on 08.06.2020 / 9:57

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