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This config for Low FPS Players and Colorful CFG lovers. You can gain 250FPS(max)

Installation- Extract the and copy the "dFuZR#_CFG" directory/folder to C:\Users\SSNLIVE(windows profile)\AppData\Local\CallofDuty4MW\players\profiles

NO illegal binds Added.

Change your Controls as you wish

thank you..


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Posted on 22.11.2018 / 7:04

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lol you such a kid cuz i put link for checking cfg before you copy/paste and you rate my uploads 1/10 like i care about them :"DD
learn how to make something good without copy/paste or illegal shit retard

Posted on 24.11.2018 / 7:26

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lol this is a fake checker tells an auto aim on my cfg. and I rated to my choise and I post my Own cfgs .

Posted on 02.12.2018 / 5:51

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anyone can rate your files . I rated those for my own choice.

Posted on 02.12.2018 / 5:56

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not a fake checker it's from cfgfactory btw... here is another one too
you just editied a cfg

here is a screenshot from your cfg...go check by yourself

i don't care about my uploads that much like u but it was funny to see what you did cuz of that lmao..and i don't think that you understand what i wrote up so yeah...

Posted on 04.12.2018 / 10:41

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LOL this noob !
This is a full edit of my Old CFG.

Posted on 05.12.2018 / 2:58

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yes sure time know what is inside "your cfg"
and stop embrassing yourself i put like 2 links only and 1 screen i didn't want to embrasse you or do anything at all but your language and childish actions is very impressive..grow up and maybe you can full scan your cfg next time

Posted on 05.12.2018 / 11:52

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Posted on 09.12.2018 / 8:55

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