CS:GO Desert Eagle

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CS:GO Desert Eagle

-Directly ported from CS:GO
-Overall the same settings as CS:GO but with a balance to COD4 (clip size, damage output etc.)
-Custom HUD
15 Different Skins, sorted by lowest to highest value:
1. Conspiracy
2. Directive
3. Kumicho Dragon
4. Crimson Web
5. Code Red
6. Gold (Custom)
7. Simple Orange (Custom)
8. Frontsidemisty (Custom)
9. Crocodilus (Custom)
10. Harshlight (Custom)
11. Glory (Custom)
12. Neon Rider (Custom)
13. Fireflake (Custom)
14. Creep (Custom)
15. Dragonlore (Custom)
-Thank T-Max for porting MWR Deagle (used it as a base, CS:GO animations coming soon)

Ported by LitkuReiska(Ultimate)
Steam: LitkuReiska


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Yay! ;D

Posted on 29.12.2018 / 15:47

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Very good job, those custom ports are awesome ! I'll add some to my mod (Efaya mod: soon. Do you plan to add more port from CSGO ? Like R8 or AWP ? That would be neat ^^

Posted on 07.02.2019 / 8:47

Just finished AWP, R8 still on development.

Posted on 16.02.2019 / 14:51

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