Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Titanic

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Welcome on Titanic. Titanic is a multiplayer map working with all normal gametypes. Warning: The map work with mods , launch the map with a mod or the map will be bugged!


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i tried to message you directly but says user doesnt exist, would you be willing to share the files for this map so i can make a codjumper version of it?

Posted on 16.03.2019 / 23:54

Sorry I'm not the author of this map, the author you can find in steam

Posted on 17.03.2019 / 3:50

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pm me the authors name if you would that be great

Posted on 17.03.2019 / 22:18

Author is Mithyx
His discord - @MiThyX#4794

Posted on 18.03.2019 / 8:21

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hello Mithyx nice work, demanding track if you might get the map source it would be happy

Posted on 18.03.2019 / 9:58

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When I try to open the map file I get an "invalid rar file" message.....anyone know why or what I can do to open it?

Posted on 19.03.2019 / 14:32

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who has problems opening the archive Update WinRAR

Posted on 21.03.2019 / 5:07

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