Magic Dagger

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A handpainted magic dagger, modeled on Maya and textured on Substance Painter by me.
Concept art by Bernardo Cristovao.


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lol this is not working

Posted on 22.06.2019 / 10:28

Uhm... it is working for me lol... are you overwriting an existing weapon? You might have more than 1024 weapon files in your mod

Posted on 22.06.2019 / 15:37

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It's Working Just fine You just need to Add Animations.

Posted on 15.08.2019 / 9:54

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If u are using Promod,sniper,deathrun use weapon,mp/magicdagger_mp in Mod.csv instead of weapon,magicdagger_mp.

Posted on 15.08.2019 / 9:58

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somebody please tell how to add it in my mod plz give contact or help!

Posted on 27.04.2020 / 22:49

Drag n drop every file inside your mod, then add the lines to your mod.csv, warning: it's missing dr xanim

Posted on 30.04.2020 / 17:27

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