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Hello AOA...

J3rRy here On your drive where windows is installed suppose C:/ drive, go to Users//AppData/Local/CallofDuty4MW
There you will find players folder and in that folder you will find profiles folder. place whole folder J3rRy_FPScfg in profiles
folder. After that play the game select profile and select J3rRy_FPScfg and simply play....

NOTE: AppData folder will be hidden so first you have to Show Hidden Files and Folders

ALTERNATE METHOD : or simply paste this path in your file explorer

e.g my username is mohsi so i will place as

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If you are experiencing lags/freezes on your cod4 or any other game
and you have an intel card , watch this video. IA it fill fix your

Video :

(By J3rRy)


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I forgot to mention, there are three more binds

5 - Quick Select Class Specops
6 - Quick Select Class Sniper
7 - Quick Select Class Assault

Posted on 21.03.2020 / 13:36

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Information regarding all binds is placed in Readme.txt file... Do give it a read.

Binds : Weapon switch bind
Jump + Weapon switch bind
Deagle slow switch bind
Strafes bind (for nubs who dont know how to strafe xD)
Quick messages and Texts binds (SnD oriented)

You can unbind these by using /unbind command

Posted on 21.03.2020 / 13:48

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