Amazonian Gold Bow

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altered the weapon file, sound, skin, added sum fx, projectiled the arrow to have gravity..


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wait.. lol. now thinkin... gambiarra11 typed "Myself" as in.. 'Myself' isn't ur name... lol. Now looking & realizing that. Will remember that in future.. lol.
Author : J007 / gambiarra11 (p.s. Nice job on the model

Posted on 23.04.2020 / 18:15


Posted on 23.04.2020 / 19:59

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Good implementation!!!

Posted on 23.04.2020 / 21:24

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how to combine this with pezbots plz

Posted on 24.04.2020 / 1:33

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you'd just need the pezbot source files. I'll see if i can upload my mod for you raw, it has pezbots + i scripted an in-game option to add the pezbots.. It has this weapon & A LOT of other stuff. I scripted killstreaks & new unique killstreaks, one is kinda movie-like lol.. anyone would be able to separate the killstreaks i scripted from the mod easily., changed movement, sounds.. even the sound of movement.. the whole feel of the game is modified. You'll get all my skins there too. There's a chargeable jetpack booster.. crouch slide... there's a tonne of stuff.. weapons.. I was just clashing on the Dogs killstreak script a bit... & there's a minor bug in that script... but I'm going to post the raw so anyone can put the finishing touches on it or use any of the stuff. you'll have the pezbots mixed in. Peace

Posted on 24.04.2020 / 2:50

seems interesting:... ill be waiting, tell me when you upload it

Posted on 24.04.2020 / 11:34

Please do. That sounds interesting what you have there. Would be great learning material tbh. Also if you need help you can just PM me here. @j007l

Posted on 24.04.2020 / 15:36

Sounds great, cannot find a way to make crouch slide smooth in multiplayer, would love to see how you managed it. Please PM here if you can

Posted on 18.05.2020 / 10:15

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j007l... private message

Posted on 26.04.2020 / 1:54

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give me your contact i want to know how to use it properly
when i add this in my mod strange structure appears when i use it but it fire bullets

Posted on 27.04.2020 / 20:44

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@ trashhtalkerr - I now saw ur msg and replied msg

Posted on 03.05.2020 / 22:02

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