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Modified openwarfare full raw

-new anticamp added (Hide and Seek off anticamp)
-PowerClass added
-laserdot added
-prestige system added (60 prestige)
-Predator hardpoint added (coded by [105]HolyMoly using OW2 code...... Thanks Sammy )
( 2 kill-UAV, 5 kill-Airstrike, 7 kill-predator, 9 kill-helicopter )
-in _playerdvars.gsc line 250 welcome sound added and line 251 set fovscale 1,35
-Pleyercards added (coded by [105]HolyMoly using OW code)
-Testbots bug fixed (when kick bots and load new map do not add again bots)
-Finalkillcam added with musics (only dm, war and sd gametypes)
-G3 and m16 weapons set full auto
-gungame type added weapons with attachments
-Sniper long range added
-main menu music added
-Hungarian translation added


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Requesting update for holographic sight

Posted on 04.06.2020 / 0:39

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Good how to translate to english?

Posted on 12.10.2020 / 21:13

Just remove from the mod csv the localize lines.
From 14. line to 28. line
localize,cgame and etc.
and make mod .ff again.

Posted on 13.10.2020 / 23:18

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Can i just apply tho fov options on my server?

Posted on 18.10.2020 / 23:27

_playerdvars.gsc line 251 set fovscale 1,35
This 1,35 value change what you want.

Posted on 22.10.2020 / 6:32

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