Delta vs Makarov's Special Forces

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Features of the mod:
Delta fighters have been added to the game as allies.
Makarov's special forces have been added to the opponents.
Mod created for the original game
The mod is fully working ,all the missions are going.
The default model skins have been changed.


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The mod is great!!!
But for some reason I could not download from cfgfactory,I had to download from gamebanana at the above link

Posted on 21.02.2021 / 15:14

Thank you for your feedback!
Why the file was not attached, the question is not for me.The last 2 months on here on cfgfactory some problems with laying out mods, it is not possible to lay out a post.
If you are interested in my similar mods look here -

Posted on 21.02.2021 / 15:29

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