Minigun-universal machine gun

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The mod adds an adapted version of the minigun model from multiplayer to the single-player game.Compared to the original, the striking ability of the weapon has been increased.The ammunition is brought up to 998 rounds. The mod is updated,the minigun is given to the player automatically when loading any of the missions.You can also get a weapon using the cheat code "give minigun".

The main feature of the mod is that now you can shoot down enemy helicopters,both Mi 17 and Mi24,from a minigun.


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A powerful machine gun, an excellent mod!

Posted on 22.08.2021 / 18:46

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Posted on 22.08.2021 / 18:55

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It seems to be true.Someone made a stupid joke.

Posted on 22.08.2021 / 22:08

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Posted on 23.08.2021 / 13:19

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