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Multi-COD .cfg menu


- Fully customisable
- Simple default controls (1 button for executing, 2 buttons to move and open, 1 button to go back/close)
- Big amount of menus and options can be loaded (currently tested and implemented 11 menus and 12 options per menu)

Supported games:

- Call of Duty 4 (Singleplayer & Multiplayer) [Original, cod4x]
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [IW4x, MW2:Reimagined, Modded singleplayer with console unlocked]

Default controls:

[ J ] - opens the menu / goes UP (Menu needs to be preloaded into the game via exec)

[ K ] - goes DOWN

[ V ] - goes back / closes menu (Also melees)

[ SPACE ] - selects a menu/option (Also jumps/changes stance)

Current file attached is the version 1. For further updates, visit github repository:

Current bugs:

- Does not properly work on these resolutions:

A fix would be to change the game resolution or reduce the amount of symbols in menu.

In some games after executing the menu line ''Unknown cmd updategameprofile'' will break the menu structure. Just press go up and go down to "refresh". No fix for now.

Special thanks to Nikolai Belinski and at3nder for testing and AssumingAgate for a bunch of useful information


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Any bugs or questions? Contact me on the Discord: yoyo1love#2019

Posted on 01.11.2021 / 15:03

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