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The main idea of r03;r03;this mod is to give the player the opportunity to call artillery support at any time during the game (in the screenshot below, the moment the shell hits, when using "Artillery_Support" on the 88-mm anti-aircraft gun near El Alamein).

The mod has been updated: the radius of destruction of enemy manpower has been increased, the parameters of "fraggrenade" have been taken as a basis, which has increased the striking ability by 10 times!

Using "Artillery_Support":

1) Switch from the main weapon to the secondary one, this will be "Artillery_Support"

2) Press RMB to activate the binoculars mode

3) Aim the binoculars at the target tanks/artillery/infantry and press LMB, all on heads of enemies will fly shells

The more times you press LMB, the more gifts will fly to the enemy.

"Artillery_Support" allows you to hit tanks and artillery and infantry. Ammunition is given for 999 shell

Note: the mod was created for the CoD2Back2front addon, but is also designed for use with the original game.

Now the ability to use artillery support is available in all missions, without exception!

If you wish, you can replace "Artillery support" with any other weapon
simply by picking it up on the battlefield
(on the screenshots, replace the binoculars for artillery support with kar98k_sniper)


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