Can' t install/uninstall CoD4



Hey Guys, i got a serious problem with running my call of duty. First of all i will say i had english version of the game with 3 versions installed: 1.2, 1.6 and 1.7. I installed it by coping the cod folder and applying different patch to each folder. It was running good, but as i am Polish i decided to install polish version of the game. So, i uninstalled cod from install programs in my windows 7, then i cleaned the registry with cclenaer and installed polish version. I did the same thing like before with patches.

After using it for some time i decided to go back to eng version, as i don' t know why i got 40 fps more there and fonts don' t work with pl version. I was so suprised when i clicked on cod4 uninstalling i' ve seen this "1628 installation of the script failed" and then it says process "explorer" stops. I though i may be because of files of cod left, so i deleted cod4 1.6 and 1.7 folders. Still the same. I tried cleaning the registry again, no difference. I tried uninstalling the game with free uninstaller and similar programs, same effect. I got mad and deleted uninstaller with regcleaner and now it' s not shown in programs, but i can' t install cod4 again as it says i already got it

Could someone help me? I m really desperate

EDIT: i opened windows registry editor and deleted all registry keys matching with call of duty 4, iw3mp, activision ect. now when i put in the disc i have the "install" option, but when i lauch it, it asks me do i want to delete call of duty 4 and all of its features...

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