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So today i found a great chrome extension that let's you edit websites and save it for future theme ( change colors,font style,font,layout style,etc...)
It saves your work and when ever you connect it displays your work.

Link here to the extension:

I had to much free time so i changed Youtube look

I removed alot of stuff i hated and those are:

-Vevo pictures and banners are not in videos ( only on sidebar )
- Google ads are removed
- Video ads are not showing up anymore
- Text ads are not showing up anymore
- Added the blue color on text and on infographics near the like / dislike
- Changed the font - size of views

How to set it up:

1.Download the extension
2.Near the bookmark star it will show an icon css
3.Right click on it and then select options
4.Go to styles and press the button that says "Add a new style"
5.Enter in the url
6.Copy and paste the code bellow "url" from this link

I hope somebody will find this usefull and if you need help contact me here and also on xfire.

My xfire:badboys12

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