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Hi, Im making a new short movie but im having problem recording sound.. i used avidemo now i dont know how to record sound.. i used audacity and some other recorders but i dont have stereo mix i checked show disabled devices and show hidden devices in the recording tab in sound setting but there still aint stereo mix there.. i have windows 8.1 and is not able to record any kind of sound please i need help ..

Posted on 09.11.2013 / 8:39


Try fraps and use only the audio layer.

08/01/2014 22:45
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try this working for me but i think u need edit something in it dont remember. feel free to ask me xf scarye

xf: scarye

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Ok sure Thank you

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just use fraps and then seperate the audio..?

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Posted on 11.11.2013 / 19:54

Guys, he is unable to record any sound due to no Stereo Mix, this is needed to record in-game audio using any recorder (ie: Fraps).

You require a driver to have Stereo Mix, use this guide to enable Stereo Mix in Vista/7/8:

Once installed, right click your volume icon on your Taskbar, select "Recording Devices" then right click an empty area and click "Show Disabled Devices". Stereo Mix should now show up as disabled, right click and enable the device then go into your demo and record the audio with any audio program such as Audacity using the Stereo Mix option.

Posted on 11.11.2013 / 22:43

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