Why does it take so long for my files to be put up?
i uploaded a file yesterday still waiting for it to be accepted

is there server issues?
is there a problem with my files?

Posted on 09.08.2014 / 20:56


Just have a little patience, we have lots of other submissions being uploaded daily.

Your file(s) will be accepted as soon as a moderator is online to go through the submissions

Posted on 09.08.2014 / 21:08

ok no problems thanks

Posted on 09.08.2014 / 21:28

You're welcome

If your file(s) still aren't accepted by tomorrow afternoon, shoot Koene a message

Posted on 09.08.2014 / 23:06

will do thanks

Posted on 09.08.2014 / 23:21

ok still not been accepted but i can wait longer i know a lot of people upload stuff so ill wait longer

Posted on 10.08.2014 / 12:51

>making a thread for this
>not spamming the shoutbox with it

08/01/2014 22:45
srsly im so fucking pissed at the stupid fucking cunts in this shoutbox.


Posted on 10.08.2014 / 22:09

Yeah I had the same question, i uploaded a skin and it took about 5 days to be accepted. Let's just be patient.

Call of Duty 4 "Rooftops" Custom Singleplayer Mappack by SPi

Posted on 04.09.2014 / 4:21



As far as I know the team is busy setting up some new stuff for the site so they've been preoccupied with that, but I'm not part of the team so...

I no longer accept Skype contact requests. Leave all questions in a PM either here or on YouTube.

Posted on 05.09.2014 / 1:21

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