Upgraded gpu - low fps.

Hi. I have recently upgraded my gpu from a AMD Radeon 6850 to a AMD Radeon 7950 so I could run some of the newer games like Battlefield 4 and CoD:AW, but after using the new gpu for those games (that run fine on high settings) I decided to give CoD4 a go but I'm finding it unplayable as I'm sitting on under 100 fps and occasionally dropping below 50 fps. My setup is fine for running cod4 I know this because I was constantly sitting on 250 fps with my old graphics card (I'm using an fps config). I'v searched online to see if anybody has had the same problem as me but couldnt find anything so decided to come here my drivers are all up to date and cod4 seems to be the only game having this problem. I'v also noticed when playing that my players arms and gun along with other player models constantly flicker. I'v put all the setting to max and the fps just stayed the same with or without an fps config.

my setup -
motherboard: pegatron corporation 2ab8
processor: Intel i7 2600K
Graphics card: AMD Radeon 7950
12GB of ram
Windows 7 home premium
Direct x 11

Any help would be amazing.
Thanks in advanced.

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maxzor wrote:
buy a new pc


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