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OK so let me get this straight I decided to use fraps for my cod4 clips because avidemo takes alot of capacity and time. So I did it following the good quality with fraps tutorial from the tutorial section here. And everything went fine,I set up the fraps settings,managed to pull out 50 fps during recording etc,but when I finish with my video,do all the sony vegas stuff,and convert it with xvid,then obviously I have to opet in again to edit it,and I think that this much re-rendering ruins quality.Anyways here is another problem,my video,both in sony vegas preview and when rendered has some issues on it,looks like some pixelated shit(I'll add snapshot),it appears in most parts of the video. It's really ugly and I want to get rid of it. Also I tried editing my clip as an .avi fraps file, before I converted it with xvid,and then convert it when editing is finished just to avoid that pixelate thing. I did manage to avoid it,and quality looks good when I watch it on my PC so I tried uploading it to youtube just as a quality test to see what it looks like. Well it looks like shit. Quality is pretty bad,even when I put it on 720p it still looks like other normal cod4 videos I watch on 480p. I'm desperetly asking for help,someone to explain me whole process and perhaps all the rendering setting etc because I'm really struggling with good cod4 quality on youtube,I just can't get it right. Sorry for my minor grammar/spelling mistakes

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edit the raw fraps file and then do 1 render,


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Alright, this is the way i've done it with no problems. Start fraps, set it to 60 fps, go to your demo, open it, and type /timescale 0.2 in the console, record it, and when you're done, open it in vegas. You don't need to use any sort of converter. Import it into vegas, hold ctrl and drag the right side of the clip, to the left until it's all sped up, and there you go. You really don't need xvid or any other type of shit like that.

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@MIGHTYERIC I did and then the quality was bad when i put it on youtube

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@NOTIFY OK but can you please tell me what render setting do you use? mp4? avi? What template to make it look good on youtube?

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Google for avifrate, program u can easily change the fps of an avi file without encoding, rendering or anything.


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Pyle wrote:
@NOTIFY OK but can you please tell me what render setting do you use? mp4? avi? What template to make it look good on youtube?

I render it out in avi and then handbrake it if it the file is too big.

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