CoD4 MP Modding Help

Hey all.
So as some of you may know I'm an experienced Singelplayer Mapper.
I have worked a bit on CoD4 Multiplayer, however not very much so I can say I'm skilled on it.
But the thing is I'd like to make some modifications and I don't know how.

I would really need your help to do the following:

1) I have a common problem I encountered some time ago, but I don't remember how to solve it.
Despite I put SAS and Russians, the game has marines and arabs instead. But their Logos, Team titles and announcers are correct. I know this is common but i really don't remember what I should do.
And instead of stock mptype SAS i would like to mnake my own mptype be used in SAS team.
I already made the MPTYPE file with assets manager, with the characters I want. So now I need to make the game use them instead. (After some investigation on maps/mp/gametypes I found that _team.gsc That should be the one that does it, but i don't know if i should take the risk of editing it)

2) Make In game UI character selection.
I've seen this on some other mods like PeZBOT, and I would really like to do one with my own characters.
I have already made a mptype, as told above, with the characters I want, but I have no idea how to implement it in my mod.
I also have a mp_up folder in my mod ready to edit.
I would also like to have custom team title like "Task Force 99" and not "S.A.S." and custom team announcer voice (those last ones should be easier)

3)My custom maps visible on map list.
I'm sure this is possible, but again I don't know how. I will have about 4 maps in my mod that I'd like them to be shown in map list. Also please remind me how to make their name in loadscreen not be "mp_mymap" but be like "School v1.0"
I can handle the loadscreen.

I Hope to see elaborated and helpful replies thanks.

Call of Duty 4 "Rooftops" Custom Singleplayer Mappack by SPi

Posted on 17.09.2015 / 16:37


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