Ingame MP Character Selection Help How to?

This video should describe what I want to do better:

Now, I'm not very familiar with UI editing and menu modifications so id like a small guide on how to do this.

I have ready mptypes and Characters to set them in game. So the basic idea is to add a new ingame menu button under Change Class that will be Change Character. That will allow you to choose a character model like in the video for the next time you will spawn.

So by getting some inspiration from PeZbot mod (which has this exact thing i want to do in it.) There is that file: raw/maps/gametypes/_changemode.gsc
that should be a part of this process.

By the way, when I included some mp_ui files in my mod.ff i got the error (640 menu assets exceeded)

But I have no idea what kind of .menu files im supposed to create or edit.
Please help.

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I think those are only shaders, you would need to define buttons again and make a table for that.


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