could someone tell me how to setup maya for cod4 xmodel exporting ?
I want to export some weapons, could be cool for some mods I'm planning to create for my servers.
I'm a beginner in maya, so pls don't do a advanced tutorial, everyone was and will be new in some stuff.

What I know about this stuff is that I had to create a folder called tress in C:\ and then some subfolders till I could copy my bin folder in it. Then I had to select the Exporter.mll file (idk the exact name anymore) in the plugin manager but I didnt found it in which folder should it be lol

then I was seeking on google and found a shit, so I ask here, yo guys
I mean, here are the people who know how so please haha

~skitz :]

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Check this article:

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>then I was seeking on google and found a shit

Okay but seriously, I have no idea what you're doing. Everything you've done is pretty much irrelevant anymore, since the CoD4 tools only supported Maya 7 and 8. Luckily, the guys (Aidan) over at UGX-Mods have created a script for XModel and XAnim importing and exporting for Maya 2012+. You can find it here: (you need to register on the site in order to download the file). Instructions are on the same page and should be easy enough to follow.

Be warned that creating weapons for CoD is much more difficult than the setup process, so don't expect to become good at it for quite a while.

I no longer accept Skype contact requests. Leave all questions in a PM either here or on YouTube.

Posted on 31.03.2016 / 8:37

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