How To Import OBJ Files Into Cod4 Modtools?



Hellow All,

I Want To Know How To Use .OBJ File In COD4 Modtools. I Want To Make A New Character For CoD4 MP Like Sonic, Deadpool etc. Put IDK How To Import .OBJ File Into COD4 Modtools And How To Make That Working. I Really Appreciate If Anyone Can Help Me.

PS: I Also Have A OBJ File Of A Character.

Thank You!

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you'd have to convert it to an xmodel_export file. Either use Maya or Blender
I haven't worked with maya that much, but if you're using blender you're gonna need this addon:
Using this addon you will be able to export your 3d scene to an .xmodel_export file

note: always have your files in your cod4 directory! otherwise asset manager won't be able to detect the files
same goes for textures, i like to keep all my files in model_export

Before you start working on a character, i suggest you use wraith to export an existing character from the game to use as reference (including bones. don't export in obj but rather export it as xmodel_export, you can port it over to c4d later if you'd like)

start asset manager, where it says 'aitype' 'bullet_penetration'... find 'material' and make sure it's selected, then click new entry and give it the name of your model material name (has to be the same name as the .mtl file). it will load the default material setup where you can setup the colormap, normals, speculars, etc etc..
before compiling, you need to save the current asset manager project into source_data (ctrl+s, save as blabla.gdt in source_data)
once you've done all that, press F10 to convert the current material into your raw directory.

as for the xmodel, instead of selecting material you select.. xmodel!
this one should be fairly simple, select the xmodel_export file as your xmodel (LOD0)
once again, press F10 and your xmodel should compile into the raw directory

hope this helped, check out for more info

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Hellow Gmzorz,

Thank You For The Help! I Done Making material,. And Also I'm Done Making My Character. I Also Converted My Character To Xmodel_export. But, When I'm Going To Compile, It Gives Me Errors With Bones. ex - (bone 'j_spinelower' for bone controller 'back_low' not found) I Already Have A Skeleton On My Character. But IDK How To Rename Or Where I Add Additional Bones. (I'm Working With Blender.)

Waiting For Reply!

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Hey again,

I suggest looking up a rigging tutorial for blender, there's lots of videos out there about adding bones. Perhaps look into some basic tutorials, blender uses lots of keybinds rather than menu options. it's going to take a while for me to explain everything.
Blender guru has some great tutorials:
Also keep in mind your skeleton can't have more than 128 bones (head+body, if both are separated)

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