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I started with COD1, so am not new to game... but, I recently rented a server from gameserver, and want to be able to control it better. I had a great tool, but when my last hd died it it was gone forever, I am looking for a good tool to be able to keep hacks on other undesirables off my server. I also would like to add maps, and other fun stuff. I am fairly good at computers, but have no idea where to start. Please help! dont want to ask 1000 lame questions, just need a tool and a guide to get started. Thanks!

Posted on 21.06.2019 / 17:47




Heyya there. I don't really work with CoD anymore, but you may want to look through all the tutorials here on CFGF. It will show you how to build mods, add stuff, bit of skinning/scripting etc... That's where you want to add "fun" stuff. Maps aren't difficult either, I think there's also a tutorial for that too. About controlling the server, if you don't want to use rcon, RconTools is a great tool. Dunno if still exists or not, but it was hell easy to do everything from it.

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