Need Help With Creating Custom Models.



I Am Getting This Error After Hours Of Hard Work. And Months Of Self Learning.

Downloaded This Model From SketchFeb Website And Rigged Manually With COD4 Skeleton.

Used Blender And Maya 2020 For Change And Do Modifications For My Downloaded 3D Model. For Export, Used Maya 2012+ XmodelExport Tool.

Please Help Me To Solve This Issue. I Feel I F*cked Up With This.

Also, My XMODEL_EXPORT File Got Around 55Mb File Size. Is It Normal Or Not?

This Is the First Time I Making A Custom Model For COD4. So I Am A Totally Noob. Hope You Guys Will Help Me.


Here Is The Log For If The Image Isn't Working Or Difficult To See.

Converting 1 assets, reason: 'asset out of date'
Converting 'alphawagez_harleyqueen' (xmodel 1 of 1)...
Converting xmodel 'F:\mydata\COD4_ModdinG\model_export/alphawagez\aluthmaeka\finalrender\alphawagez_harleyquinn.xmodel_export'...

************ ERROR ************
Object [undefined_undefined_undefinedShape] with material [mtl_alphawagez_hq_body] has 52331 > 32768 vertices on 96116 triangles.
Bug it (MODELSURF_MAX_VERTICES may be too small.)


Conversion failed with 1 errors. Hit key to continue.

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i think it has too many verticies

Posted on 05.02.2021 / 9:16



Having this problem too when trying to import the LW3 Tundra into CoD 4, I've narrowed down the amount of vertices in blender using limited dissolve but just get another error. Will post again if i find a solution.

(My xmodel_export file started off with 30Mb in size and takes forever to convert. But with recuing amount of vertices it definitely speeds it up)

I get this error afterwards, but i'll try reintsalling the mod tools or something to see if that fixes this issue.

Converting 1 assets, reason: 'asset out of date'
Converting 'viewmodel_L96' (xmodel 1 of 1)...
Converting xmodel 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Activition\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\model_export/viewmodel_L961\LW3.XMODEL_EXPORT'...
ASSERTBEGIN -------------------------------------------------------------------
parentIndex doesn't index j
-1 not in [0, 2)

Module: C:\Program Files (x86)\Activition\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\bin\converter.exe
File: C:\trees\cod3\cod3src\converters\xconverter\animation.cpp
Line: 2311

ASSERTEND ---------------------------------------------------------------------

-Works with remingtom700
Converting 1 assets, reason: 'missing cache entry'
Converting 'viewmodel_remington700' (xmodel 1 of 1)...
Converting xmodel 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Activition\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\model_export/viewmodel_remington700\viewmodel_remington7001.XMODEL_EXPORT'...

Surface summary:
mtl_weapon_remington700 (218 tris, 216 verts, 127 unique verts)
mtl_weapon_remington700 (398 tris, 497 verts, 253 unique verts)
mtl_weapon_remington700 (415 tris, 458 verts, 251 unique verts)
mtl_weapon_bullet (34 tris, 45 verts, 19 unique verts)
mtl_weapon_m14_scope_lens (12 tris, 13 verts, 13 unique verts)

Conversion done. Hit key to continue.

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Finally got it working, just use a different version of blender cod. but limiting vertices under 32700? helps becasue thats about the max

Posted on 04.03.2021 / 12:13

For a player model in cod4 32k is waaaaay too big. Recommended to stick with 12-14k max. Otherwise you are going to run into performance problems not to mention 'out of memory' crashes with maps. The bigger the poly count among all xmodels(game,mod,map) combined the more likely it will happen. cod4x helps with that but is not limitless.

Posted on 06.03.2021 / 20:47

Yeah 17k is usually what I try aim for when weapon modelling. But I know they're still too big, but I don't use my models for server use so it doesn't really matter to me as long as asset manager can convert them.

Posted on 07.03.2021 / 0:39

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