Parts of blender cod model not showing in game

So about a couple weeks ago I set off to put the LW3 Tundra (from black ops cold war) into cod 4. I found an obj file containing all the parts ripped directly from the game on thingiverse, and I already had the L961 port mod in the game, and the 2 sniper rifles are built pretty much identical as the Tundra is a more up to date better version of the L96.

So I start with deleting all the mesh data for the parts I want for replace, but keep the existing bone data, material data and vertex groups for each mesh. So I join the LW3 Tundra part mesh and the L96 part mesh together, thus replacing the L96 part model with the Tundra model whilst attempting to keep all it's data. However after many attempts I then saw I had to assign the LW3 part to a vertex group, the same vertex group as the part I was replacing. I did this for every part and at first this was working great and everything appeared correctly in game, but the bolt was really far away from the bolt handle, it was still animating, but really far away from where it was meant to be despite being in the correct place on the model.

Then I fiddled about and moved the bolt forward, like into the weapon itself, even though in blender it looked horribly wrong, it worked in cod 4.
So then I decided I wanted to seperate the scope strap to give it a different material / texture. So I did and I added it to the same vertex group as the scope and thought I was done. Nope. The scope then wasn't visible in game and nowhere to be seen.

I have slim to none experience in blender but I'm picking it up as I go. I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right but I have no clue. Even the scope material says it's compiling in asset manager. And I just wanna know why it's not appearing in game as it does in blender. It seems the scopes not moving no matter how far forward I move it.

So I think at the moment I'll just join the scope and strap mesh together. But I have no idea how to reposition the scope. Maybe I've got the bones in the wrong place? Any help would be great. I have no idea how to do this as I can't seem to find a single custom weapon tutorial for blender cod.

I'm using Blender CoD 3.5. I don't know what I'm doing to be honest but up until creating another mesh everything's been fine. The add-on isn't the issue I know that. It all works great.

(I think the messed up positions may also have something to do with the fact that my "pose" meshes are in a different place to my "armature" positions after moving them, same with when I go into edit mode on a mesh, it shows up different to object mode.

Posted on 06.03.2021 / 9:47


I merged the strap and the scope together, works fine

Posted on 07.03.2021 / 23:04

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