How to learn to write in English for kids

The path to the letter

Children go a long way before writing their first letter or word. As parents, knowing how our kids learn to write can be the difference between rewarding or discouraging their efforts, and even more so when it comes to writing in English.

Record and present experiences and ideas

When we write , we use different types of sentences , we make our thinking visible . But writing is just one of the many channels we have for this, and it is important that we appreciate the different ways in which children perceive and manifest the world around them. They may temporarily reflect their thinking, for example through role play, dance or music, or through something more permanent, such as paintings, drawings, or clay figures.

When babies begin to express their experiences and ideas using these means, they develop abstract thinking, that is, the ability to think about things that are not present at the moment.

From concrete to abstract

Language is part of an ongoing process of using abstract thinking to capture and represent experiences and ideas. For example, when we see a four-legged fluffy ball sitting on a fence, we know it is a cat because we learned that the word "cat" represents this particular four-legged fluffy ball.

This ability to think abstractly allows us to communicate something, even if there is no real object in front of us . We can talk about the cat when she's gone, write about what the cat did last week, read the missing cat announcement, or listen to our neighbor tell us about what the cat did one day in her garden.

When a small child observes the same fluffy ball on a fence, he can also depict it in different ways, for example, with plasticine, or behave like a cat, dance like a cat or draw a cat. The drawings or figures made by the youngest children may not at all resemble the animal they saw in the morning, but what matters is that they know what it is and that they are trying to portray it .

If they know the word for this fluffy ball, they will be able to say "cat" (or taste it), and in the case of bilingual kids, they will have two words for this furry ball. , for example, "cat" and " cat ". After all, plasticine, dance, drawing, and words in Spanish and English are one and the same: using abstract thinking to represent something concrete. This requires practice as well as live examples. You can always ask someone write my essay for me so that your child can see how to use abstract thinking to create really good writing in English.

Turn abstract thinking into writing

Writing requires an even greater development of abstract thinking. When children learn to write, they use letters to represent the sounds they hear in a word. For this reason, in order for what they write in English to make sense, they need to have a solid understanding of the spoken language, as they need to know how words sound before writing them down. The process from concrete thinking to abstract representations goes something like this:

Step 1: We have a specific experience with a hairball on a fence.
Step 2: depict the fluffy ball in different ways (dance, drawing, clay figurine, mime, painting, etc.).
Step 3: We learn from others (listeners) that we can also refer to this fluffy ball in English by saying / kæt /.
Step 4: We understand that the letters cat represent (when reading or writing) the sounds of the word / kæt /.
As you can see, writing is the last step, and it requires complex abstract thinking , as it is very far from concrete experience. For this reason, we must make sure that, especially with young children, steps 2 and 3 are not dispensed with in a kind of race aimed at demonstrating learning by writing words. These steps are vital as they follow the developmental path of children's thinking: concrete -> abstract -> even more abstract.

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