Horizon Call of the Mountain Announced as New PlayStation VR 2 Game

Sony has uncovered Horizon Call of the Mountain, which is an upcoming game that will be included on the PlayStation VR 2 hardware. It was previously uncovered that the successor to Sony's PSVR hardware was being developed, yet substantial information was just barely uncovered today.

The PSVR was a famous piece of hardware for the PS4, most outstandingly because of its wide scope of games, and its somewhat low sticker cost contrasted with other VR headsets. Sony uncovered that the PS5 would be the home for the following emphasis of the PSVR hardware. It was announced today that the new hardware is called the PSVR 2 and it will highlight OLED screens that are fit for 4K visuals. The headset will also have new sensory features, improved regulator tracking, eye tracking, an extended field of view, and will have its own set of controllers.

It was uncovered at CES 2022 that the PSVR 2 is being developed and that it will host a first-gathering title made especially for the hardware. Guerilla Games studio head Jan-Bart Van Beek announced that Horizon Call of the Mountain is coming to PSVR 2 and that it was being created alongside the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West. A teaser trailer showing a couple of moments of gameplay has been transferred to the official PlayStation YouTube channel.

The trailer starts with the player character having a blindfold or hood eliminated from their head. Apparently they are being carried on a truck or boat (most logical the last option, based on the position of the person sitting straightforwardly across from them). A Tallneck suddenly arrives and almost crushes the obscure person and individuals they are with. The teaser trailer was amazingly concise, yet it flaunted some excellent visuals, which is normal, as it's being displayed on the extravagant new PSVR 2 hardware.

According to the YouTube description, Horizon Call of the Mountain is a co-improvement by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite. This explains why Sony purchased Firesprite toward the finish of 2021, as it was looking for additional companies to deal with its upcoming library of PSVR 2 games. Horizon Call of the Mountain is an exciting game to start off the PSVR 2's library, assuming it will send off alongside the hardware. As it stands, the release date for both Horizon Call of the Mountain and the PSVR 2 is still obscure, so it's hazy when fans will actually want to see the world in immersive VR.

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