What Movie Has Your Favorite Original Soundtrack?

What Movie Has Your Favorite Original Soundtrack
Mine That Thing You Do title track of the movie by that name
A Hard Days Night Ashokan Farewell from the miniseries
The Civil War Man of Constant Sorrow from O Brother, Where Art Thou

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Now it's getting harder and harder to find sites to watch movies. Most of the pirate sites are blocked, the rest are horrible and most of the media files are missing. I use a proxy to unblock rarbg website and watch my favorite movies and listen to my favorite soundtracks. I really like the music in the movie Singles used a cover of the classic Led Zeppelin song "Battle of Evermore" by the Wilson sisters, AKA Heart.

Posted on 21.06.2022 / 15:27

I'm going to go with the Oscar-winning 1959 soundtrack to Mikl?s Rozi's Ben-Hur. This epic sounding composer, who wrote a number of concert pieces, just gives all the grandiose swagger along with the softer religious sounds you'd expect from a big movie. I think one of the reasons I chose it is because John Williams himself VERY much admired The Rose and acknowledged that he was genuinely influenced by it.

Posted on 22.06.2022 / 12:36

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