Got my new pc :p,if someone cares about specs lol:GTX 760-AMD FX-8350 4.2ghz 8gb ram.

Reason why i posted this ss is cause i can't find any newbluefx videos anymore so if someone knows pm me please with a link obv :D (ss is without any effects)


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Stop posting pictures of 'your's' movie config's, because you are really borred.. This is nothing special and every idiot can make it for himself.. So yeah and spec's of PC(if someone cares) yehh..

Posted on 20.03.2014 / 13:12

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dont get mad cuz ur colours are shit xD
specular guns maxzor?

Posted on 20.03.2014 / 13:15

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cod4cfg would be awesome if you could read full desc of pic

Posted on 20.03.2014 / 13:21

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Maxzor, why you no go for 770!! An extra 20fps more per game

Posted on 20.03.2014 / 15:51

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Fuck it man its done now im not rly a pc expert so yeah xD

Posted on 20.03.2014 / 19:16

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xD the 760 is still a good card though! Also, I really like the specular going on in the image

Posted on 20.03.2014 / 22:47

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