comeback? hmn


quick render after a year!

havent changed any settings. i will get better


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So bad,light is way to strong and shadows are shit aswell as the whole pic and whats up with that grass? Please don't comeback.Thanks.

Posted on 04.05.2014 / 19:40

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Lol shit. Too much light, shit normals no details at all. Shitty shadow too. And what the fuck is wrong with the grass? This 3D suxx lol. Please don't comeback. Thanks.

Posted on 04.05.2014 / 20:05

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What are those highlights ? There are no details, just get out of my life... And shadows ? So damn bad, get some anti aliasing noob

Posted on 04.05.2014 / 21:04

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mhm PRETTY GOOD 1/10

because u rated my asiimov 1/10 nigga oh ye
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Posted on 04.05.2014 / 21:10

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Why so mad LJ

Posted on 05.05.2014 / 14:14

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looks sick

Posted on 05.05.2014 / 21:59

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lol youre haters

Posted on 05.05.2014 / 22:00

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why the fuck are u hating on him guys ? lol

Posted on 06.05.2014 / 12:42

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comeback for ban? trolldad smiley

Posted on 06.05.2014 / 15:17

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