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lol sky does not fit with the cfg otherwise

Posted on 05.08.2013 / 12:16

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Really sick but i should use the homax sky, And lower the DOF settings. But hey that's me :-)

Posted on 05.08.2013 / 17:49

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you cant say "should", since you'll never get this config you can say "would"

Posted on 05.08.2013 / 19:45

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@Daffy I will laugh tommorow

Posted on 05.08.2013 / 22:40

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Fake votes..

Posted on 05.08.2013 / 22:44

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i this, sky fits also very well with the cfg imo.

Posted on 06.08.2013 / 17:07

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yes everyone who says it does not fit has no clue or they should visit switzerland.

Posted on 06.08.2013 / 19:17

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>i need this
>i need it lax
>lax give it to me
>your hairs perfect
>how do you make it smell so wonderful
>lax i swear i dont cheat at linex promod tdm
>forgive me i was going through a faze
>take me back lax
>lax shh no tears
>just forgiveness
>and redemption
>love me forever
>in complete and total silence
>we live in harmony now
>we can never go back to the way we were, never

Posted on 06.08.2013 / 20:46

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i think the sky fits but it looks abit sharp against the edges of the buildings.

Posted on 06.08.2013 / 20:57

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well desert buildings and snow grass blue mountains


Posted on 06.08.2013 / 23:58

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@HiMMA yea you cant see something like this when you sit 24/7 on your pc.

Posted on 07.08.2013 / 11:10

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"yes everyone who says it does not fit has no clue or they should visit switzerland."

i have been to Switzerland and I didn't see buildings like this anywhere in Swiss

m8 admit it to your self
this sky is sh*t
your CFG is sh*T cause of too much blur
and in the milion years I would never download this sky ty
and +1 to anyone who doesn't like this sky

love you <3

Posted on 09.08.2013 / 0:29

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@dubstep the fact that you call depth of field blur shows that you are know what you are talking about but let me explain something you dont have any clue about creativity and the sky is a matter of taste but you are just an mainstream faggot go keep downloading your configs and skies here noname.

Posted on 09.08.2013 / 10:56

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pls lax be syrs there so way that that sky is looking good with that cfg , switzerland and that building? rofl dont need to be outside to know that there are no desert buidlings in switz , the cfg looks awsome just dont like the sky dont need to be mad at me.

Posted on 16.08.2013 / 19:58

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