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(MW2) Convert COD4 skies to MW2
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Hello everyone, this tut explains how to convert COD4 skies to MW2 or make custom ones yourself.

You will need some files for this, you can download them HERE !
First I'm going to explain how to convert custom COD4 skies to MW2.
1. Open sky tool.exe (You can find this in the zip you downloaded)
2. Go to the COD4 to MW2 tab.
3. Press browse and browe to the COD4 custom sky .iwi

4. Now you will see the same file with an _MW2 tag at the end, this is the MW2 sky.
5. Use the skymw2.bat tool to copy and rename files to all MW2 sky files (you will need to edit name to sky_ft)
6. You can now use the sky in MW2 !
You can also use this tool to export existing skyboxes to the 6 raw img files. 
You can use the skies in MW2 and MW3 but you will need to rename the files yourself. The .bat file only renames them to MW2 skies.
Thanks to NTAuthority and Arushan for this awesome tool.
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 Added by: be flag koene007
 Added on: 22/08/2013 12:56
 Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
 Tags: MW2, Convert COD4 skies to MW2
de flag HiMMA on April 21 2013 15:12:51

hr flag Stormzy on April 23 2013 20:58:56
thank you

gb flag Shanqedits on April 30 2013 20:10:42
then what do you do with the file?

de flag rizinq on May 15 2013 13:59:13
how can i make them to mw3 skies?

be flag koene007 on May 15 2013 22:20:14
MW3 uses same iwi type as MW2, just rename the converted sky to the skynames of MW3.

nl flag simpeltje on May 16 2013 09:48:28
okay this sounds noob
wheres the download link to the sky tool? cfgfactory has a new layout..

nl flag simpeltje on May 16 2013 09:52:59
o hehe i see teh link :3 im blind

in flag Lightning on May 17 2013 16:40:23
Where the link

gb flag ValeehPop on May 18 2013 23:11:10
the word HERE in the description :-3

us flag liaverp on May 27 2013 10:56:07
Download link is this... :

de flag Shaine67 on July 13 2013 12:35:35
DL :

pk flag taimoor123 on July 31 2013 15:22:30

in flag gamer898 on September 05 2013 14:59:01

gb flag aaronbee2010 on September 05 2013 20:07:54
 smiley ERMAHGERD FINALLY smiley

de flag ExiTe on November 23 2013 09:17:54

jp flag takmi on May 09 2014 13:02:22

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