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ITALIAN VERSION Hi, this tutorial will show you how to download videos from any website you want to. 1. Download firefox extension called "FireBug" (You need firefox web browser for that) Get FireBug extension here ! 2. Once installed you should find a small icon somewhere in your firefox menus.
firebug firefox icon

3. Open up your firebug menu by clicking on it's icon, enable "Net" panel.
firebug menu

4. Go to the website with video you want to download (don't play the video yet, if it plays automaticly enable your firebug panel as fast as you can). 5. Let the video buffer for 5-10 seconds then click "Size" until you see the biggest file which is video then right click on the file, and click "Copy Location" close the page with video, open new tab paste the "Location" (ctrl+v) click enter, download !
firebug video downloading

Troubleshooting: Q: I have copied the location into the new tab, once I clicked enter the video is playing directly in the browser, why ? A: Go to your Options -> Applications, and change every video extension to "Always ask"
firefox download video

Q: I don't see the files on my list but "Net panel" is enabled, why ? A: Reload the page.


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i kinda lost him @ the point where he was installing the imagews /2 iw
bartzz explain :s

Posted on 07.05.2011 / 12:50

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Posted on 12.05.2011 / 18:05

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please re do this :S

Posted on 13.05.2011 / 23:44

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But how can i watch whit my sky in cod4player?

Posted on 28.05.2011 / 19:14

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make a new film pls i don'y understand nothing

Posted on 08.06.2011 / 17:22

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i got lost

Posted on 19.06.2011 / 20:50

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sorry, it's koenes voice.. lmao
think i'm gonna record it from scratch

Posted on 09.07.2011 / 16:48

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Please re-do this someone!

Posted on 20.07.2011 / 7:28

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you lost me from the point were "installing on every server" lolz

Posted on 22.07.2011 / 19:36

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please re-do this. Not to be offensive but inpossible to understand

Posted on 07.08.2011 / 21:59

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so lost

Posted on 09.10.2011 / 5:58

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wow so need a written explanation

Posted on 19.11.2011 / 15:48

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uhhh... what

Posted on 17.12.2011 / 2:20

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can u do another video with the links of programs we have to download. whatz da name of dat program in main somthing wawa?

Posted on 14.01.2012 / 7:31

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You make it really hard .. Repost it ..

Posted on 26.06.2012 / 15:16

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its not as complicated as it sounds in that tut... once you got it out its easy... basically its all about renaming the localized_yourLanguageHere(f.e. localized_german_iw00.iwd) folders... the easiest way is using the skinsconverter tool from nekos movie makin pack (can be found here --><--), else you have to rename every single folder. if you got them renamed go to localized_german_aw07.iwd (german stands for the basic game main language, so you may have something like english etc. instead of german...if this folder doesnt exist, create a new folder and call it localized_yourgameLanguage_aw07.iwd). After that open it with a double click (with winzip or 7zip etc.) and create a new folder named "images". Thats the folder to copy all your skins into... hope that helped some peeps

Posted on 30.06.2012 / 18:35

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Let me make it easier for you, to install it basically just do the same thing as skins, but when you get the skies file:
1. Open the file with Winrar.
2. Open the images folder that you'll find there.
3. Drag all the files in that folder with the skins you have.
Sorry my english isn't perfect but I tried

Posted on 06.07.2012 / 8:47

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srsly worst tut ever ...

Posted on 02.09.2012 / 11:54

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2 words.. da fuq?

Posted on 25.03.2013 / 11:40

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I think I have a little more simple and easier tutorial...

Posted on 05.05.2013 / 11:42

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What the...? lol...dude, i'm so done. it's not even that the tutorial is bad, it's just I don't even have half of what is shown. I've tried a couple of methods and even the one that hercules posted, but I'm not seeing any results. I've got the new aw07 folder with images in it and a sky IWD file in images, but i don't know what to do next?

Posted on 04.07.2013 / 21:17

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