install & uninstall Chinese font

Hi, A lot of people have been asking how to install and uninstall the Chinese font
So here is it!

--> INSTALL <--

1. open the downloaded rar and open the patch folder

2. Place all files into your call of duty folder (THE FILES NOT THE PATCH FOLDER ITSELF! Else it will NOT work) (Some virus scanners will popup, just ignore it or disable virus scanner for some mins.)

3. Run .Bat

4. Press enter if you see something like this it will be installing correctly:

5. If done u will need to press enter again. Then you can play with your font.



1. Go to your call of duty folder.
2. Open localization.txt
3. On the first line you fill find chinese

4. Change it to english

5. Now your game is back in English
6. If you want to do Chinese again just do the same steps but other wise, so english to Chinese

Have fun with the font!


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what this it?

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files r missing

Posted on 04.07.2015 / 3:33

the instalation dosnt end i press enter then its show this help fast

Posted on 04.07.2015 / 3:40

fixed but when i open the game help plz

Posted on 04.07.2015 / 3:42

fixed again but still this dude whats wrong

Posted on 04.07.2015 / 3:45

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