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Hi, A lot of people have been asking how to make your own cod4 font, In this tut i will explain how to make a cod4 font, Which letters you need to change etc.

-> Requirements <-
- DDS2iwi tools (COD4 version; google them)
- Photoshop
- My small .psd with font file DOWNLOAD HERE
- Photoshop DDS tool (google it!)

In the .rar you find 2 .psd files, 'gamefonts_pc' and 'gamefonts_pcwoletters'
'gamefonts_pc' Has letters in it, You just have to select the letters and edit, 'gamefonts_pcwoletters' does not have any letters, you have to add them

My tutorial will be with 'gamefonts_pc': 'gamefonts_pcwoletters' is the same same way only you have to add letters in place of edit them.

1. Open 'gamefonts_pc.psd' and hide 'COPYRIGHT LAYER 'KEEP THIS IN FILE!' You can do this by simply pressing the eye.

2. Select all letters (Select the first one then go to the last and while pressing Shift select the last letter)

3. Select the font you want in font menu (Text edit function needs to be on for this)

4. You will see all letters that you need are now changed, but now the Boring and long work comes, You have to make letters as same size as default.

5. Make 'OLD STANDART COD4 FONT' layer visible (same as other just press at the eye)

6. Now select a letter, press CTRL and edit size, Its possible you have to change uppercase letter to normal one.

7. Now do this for EVERY letter, so the size is the same everywhere, if you do not do this half of your letters will not be showed ingame. (I do not edit all letters for this tut, takes to much time)

8. When done you have to save it, But first you need to hide some shit layers.
If they all of you should see something like this:

It maybe looks wtf to you but this is how COD4 works

9. Now you have to save it, Do the same settings as the screen (you have to save as .dds)

10. When its saved you have to convert the .dds to .iwi trough the ddstoiwi converter.

11. Place the .iwi into cod4/main/localized_yourlang_iw00.iwd

12. Get ingame and test, If working ENJOY and share it to everyone!

I hope you liked the tut, have fun creating your own font and please share it.

Btw; The red lines are the letters most used by COD4


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Translation by: Pillostyle

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Link dead D':

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